tor2d Seguim el curs sobre teoria KAM "A tutorial on KAM theory" de'n Rafael de la Llave (University of Texas at Austin).

Com el seu nom indica, és un curs sobre teoria KAM. S'incideix especialment en les idees de les diferents demostracions, més que en fer demostracions completes. Però, si un vol una descripció millor, és suficient llegir els comentaris a mathscinet:

"Although highly refined results and proofs are abundant in KAM literature, at present the reader will not find a broader or more comprehensive treatment than the one given in this tutorial. It is probably not for absolute beginners, but for those with a modest knowledge wishing to learn more, it should be a gold mine. The style is discursive and flourishing (one thinks of Cervantes), and whatever is glossed over or not explained is usually referenced. This is a highly recommended paper overall, and one that goes a long way toward filling a stubbornly persistent hole in the literature." (H. Scott Dumas)

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  • 09/10/02: Àlex Haro, "Linstedt series for twist maps (I)"
  • 23/10/02: Frederic Gabern, "Linstedt series for twist maps (i II)"
  • 13/11/02: Pau Martín, "Siegel disks"
  • 27/11/02: Rafael Ramírez, "Preliminaries in analysis (I)"
  • 04/12/02: Rafael Ramírez, "Preliminaries in analysis (i II)"
  • 08/01/03: Jordi Villanueva, "Diophantine properties (I)"
  • 22/01/03: Jordi Villanueva, "Diophantine properties (II)"
  • 29/01/03: Jordi Villanueva, "Diophantine properties (i III)"
  • 26/02/03: Joaquim Puig, "Two KAM proofs in a model problem (I)"
  • 05/03/03: Joaquim Puig, "Two KAM proofs in a model problem (i II)"
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